Prana Vayu began practicing together as a team in May 2016, and our first competition was iFly Seattle’s Battle of the Blades in December of the same year.  After bringing home the gold, we set our sights on the US National Championship and began training even harder.  In April of this year, we won the Championship and we’re proud to be part of Team USA in the World Championship this coming October.

“Prana Vayu” refers to the building life-force energy within the body, and translates literally as ‘rising wind.’  Of the five vayus, it is the fundamental energizing force.  Prana is the inward moving vital energy that governs respiration and reception, allowing us to take in everything from air and food to impressions and ideas.  It provides propulsive energy, speed, motivation and vitality.  On a more subtle level, this vayu gives heightened sensitivity to both the external senses and internal awareness.  As a team, we seek to embody these concepts and direct our passion and motivation toward something creative and inspirational — human flight.

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Team Videos:
Hurricane Fans – sponsored video with 162,000+ views
Battle of the Blades (PDX-tc) – short edit of our first competition as a team
Balance Day – a fun drone shot of some off-site slackline training

Equipment Sponsorships:
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2017 & 2018 Team plans: (see more on our Events page)
– iFly Phoenix “Flight of the Phoenix” Competition – August 2017
– FAI World Championships – Montreal, Quebec, Canada – October 2017
– California State Head-down record – November 2017
– European Indoor Skydiving Competition Circuit (Voss 2018, Windoor games, CharleWars)
-2018 Head-down World Record

Team Members:

Jeff Dimock
Slot #1 & Team Captain



Skydives: 3500
Wind Tunnel Hours: 5000+

– 1999, Began Skydiving
– 2001, Skydiving Coach Certification
– 2006, Skydiving Instructor Certification
– 2007, Co-created Advanced Bodyflight Mentorship Program
– 11/2013, Perris Valley Skydiving – CA State Freefly Record, 64-way formation
– 5/2014, iFly Seattle – Bronze, 2-way Dynamic Open
– 12/2014, iFly Dallas – Gold, 2-way Dynamic Open
– 5/2015, iFly SFBay – Gold, 2-way Dynamic Open; Silver, 2-way VFS Open
– 5/2015, iFly Seattle – Gold, 4-way VFS Open; Gold, 2-way VFS Open; Silver, 4-way Dynamic Open; Bronze, 2-way Dynamic Open
– 9/2016, Skydive Kapowsin – WA State Freefly Record, 29-way formation
– 12/2016, iFly Seattle – Gold, 4-way Dynamic Open; Silver, 2-way VFS Open
– 4/2017, iFly VA Beach US Nationals – Gold, 4-way Dynamic Open


Timmy Hunckler
Slot #2



Skydives: 1200+
Wind Tunnel Hours: 4000+

Skydiving achievements:
– 2010, began skydiving
– 2013, Boogie for Boobies Organizer at Chicagoland skydiving center
– 2013, 2-way MFS at US nationals- 4th place
– 2014, 4-way belly intermediate at US nationals
– 2015, 164-way HD world record
– 2016, 72-way HU world record
– 2014-2015, Organizer at Skydive Midwest
– 2016, Skydive Chicago Summerfest Organizer
– 2017, will be organizer at skydive Chicago Summerfest this year
– Plan to participate in 2018 HD world record
– Plan to participate in 2018 US skydiving nationals
– Plan to participate in 2017 California state HD record. Trying to build 100+ way
– 2012, Skydiving Coach Certification
– March 2017, Skydiving Tandem Instructor Rating
– April 2017, Skydiving AFF Instructor Certification
– Currently, Full-time instructor at Skydive Awesome

Tunnel Achievements:
– 2012, Instructor Certification
– Became Level-4 Trainer and Lead Instructor after 17 months
– 2013, Competed at iFly Austin “Gunslinger” competition in 2-way VFS
– 2014, Competed in Dallas “Flightmare Before Christmas” — 1st place in both D4W and 4-way VFS
– 2015, Competed in iFly Chicago Naperville “Untouchables” competition — 1st place in both D4W and 4-way VFS.
-2017, Competed in iFly VA Beach US Nationals — 1st place in D4W
– Around 350 hours of one-on-one coaching in the tunnel
– Traveled to and flew in 27 tunnels worldwide


Dave Retzlaff
Slot #3



Skydives: 1200+
Wind Tunnel Hours: 1700+

– 2012, began skydiving
– AFF Instructor
– Video Flier
– Freefly and Wingsuit Organizer at Skydive PNW (Oregon)
– Washington State Head down record (2016) – 29 way
– Attended Summerfest 2016 (Skydive Chicago)
– Attended New Years Boogie at Go Jump Oceanside (2015, 2016)

Wind Tunnel:
– 2013, Mountain State Boogie – 4th place 2-way VFS (iFly Denver)
– 2014, Mountain State Boogie – 3rd place 2-way VFS (iFly Denver)
– 2015, Tunnel Instructor Certification
– Level 4 tunnel instructor, achieved in less than 6 months
– 100 hours coaching in 2016
– 70 hours coached thus far in 2017 (anticipated 140+ hours in 2017)
– attending World Championships in 4 way dynamic, Montreal, October 2017


Cole Fehr
Slot #4



Skydives: 300+
Tunnel Hours: 6000+

– 4th place 2013 USPA Nationals VFS advanced
– 2012, WA State HD Record
– 2016, WA State HD Record (29-way)

Wind Tunnel:
– 2013, iFly Seattle Battle of the Blades, Gold in 4-way VFS
– 2016, iFly Seattle Battle of the Blades, Gold in 4-way Dynamic, Silver in 2-way VFS
– 2017, iFly Virginia Beach US National Championships, Gold in 4-way Dynamic


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